Pain. Stiffness. Limited Movement.

You don’t have to “just live with it.”

Pain is your body’s call for help.  Learn how to turn your symptoms into solutions and get your life back..

“Michael is constantly studying. That’s one of the things that impresses me about him. He’s always bringing new techniques to bear on his work. Michael is a true professional. He’s a healer with high standards of ethics and integrity. I recommend him without any reservation.”


Are you tired of running in circles trying to get relief from pain?

Do you find your self saying the following things to your self? How do I get out of pain and stay out of pain? Why have none of the standard solutions like over the counter drugs icing/heat and stretching relived my symptoms? I’ve been to dozens of specialists, including Md’s, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and nothing has helped. I’m frustrated and scared, now what do I do?

I will explore evidence-based answers to these questions. Whenever possible, I’ll offer self-help tips that will put the power of relief into your hands. I will also explore solutions that are cutting edge and have not yet been proven by double-blind studies but are showing great promise. I’ve done the sorting for you, so you don’t have to spend endless hours figuring out who to listen to and what steps lead to relief.

Sometimes the solutions are straightforward but have been overlooked, and sometimes the puzzle of pain can be very complex and involved many different, seemingly unrelated factors. Complex conditions usually take more than one approach to resolve. In all cases getting your life back will require a commitment of time and focus and in many cases, need significant changes to your lifestyle.

Sometimes the cause of your pain is obvious. You slipped and landed hard on your hip. Ever since it aches when you walk, you weren’t warmed up when you ran stair sprints with your Boot Camp class. Now your hamstring hurts when you walk or run, and after a fender bender, you’re having headaches, neck, and shoulder pain.

I will explore solutions to common injuries and pain complaints such as:

Trips, slips, and falls
Tech neck
Too much too fast – the price of overdoing it
Muscle pulls and tears
Shoulder injuries
Mobility challenges from hip knee and ankle pain
Low, mid and low back pain

Sometimes the cause of your pain is hidden. It is hidden because you haven’t been able to relieve it or keep it away or both. It’s hidden because no one seems to know how to make it better. This condition is chronic pain, a pain with no clear end in sight.

Often solutions for chronic pain conditions are missed because many specialists fail to understand how different parts related to other parts within our bodies.

I will explore how the following conditions cause and prolong chronic pain.

Old unresolved injures
Systemic Inflammation
Nutritional deficiencies
Hormone imbalances
Chronic Stress
Infections – Bacterial and Viral
Systemic Disease – i.e., Autoimmune
Too much input, not enough downtime – Overstimulation
Trigger Points (small, gnarly spots in your muscles)
Adhesions (when your tissue sticks together)
Brain Injuries

Effective treatments and therapies.

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get results from a doctor or practitioner who someone you trust has raved about for years? If the person who recommended this treatment for you had the same pain complaint, why didn’t you get any relief? The most likely explanation is that you’re just not matched up with the right treatment for your problem. Pain symptoms don’t always have the same cause even if the pain feels the same and is in the same location.

Back pain, for example, can be caused by a ruptured disc pressing against a nerve. Still, the same pain can also be from gnarly spots (Trigger Points) in one or more of your low back, hip, and abdominal muscles. If you have surgery, but the cause isn’t a ruptured disc, then you won’t feel any better. If you get trigger point therapy for your muscles, but a pinched nerve is causing the problem, then that won’t help either. The trick is figuring out what is causing the pain and what approach or approaches are best to resolve the issue, not just temporary relief.

You could see a practitioner who is the best in the world at what they do, but if that approach is not what you need, it won’t matter. Too often, I see clients who have been to practitioners who believe that their skill set will help everyone. No doctor or alternative health care practitioner has all the answers for everyone. If you encounter this attitude with a health care provider and you’re not getting results, I recommend you seek help elsewhere.

I will show you how to be a self-advocate in getting out of pain and getting back to your life. Your self-advocacy skills will include how to find the right practitioner(s) for your condition and how to know if they are helping you or not. Whenever possible, I’ll show you how you can get well on your own.

Elements of Westgate Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Target chronic pain at its source by focusing on highly irritable points on a muscle.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Re-train your brain to finally bring healing to chronic and persistent pain.

Neurological Repatterning

Therapeutic program that changes the way your brain processes stress.

Conditions Treated

Michael Westgate employs therapeutic practices to heal a wide range of conditions.

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