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Similar to many of you, I’ve struggled with pain and chronic illness. I lived through a saga of going from one health care practitioner after another only to find temporary relief. This journey has spanned over 30 years and constituted more than $300,000 of out of pocket expenses. I understand the frustration and hopelessness that putting out constant effort with no results can cause. If you’ve been on this journey yourself or you’ve watched a loved one suffer, you’ll understand that the symptoms from your pain or illness are only half the battle. Most likely, you’ve experienced significant suffering from the lack of answers from your doctor or alternative medicine practitioner.

Eventually, you’ll hit a wall and realize that the practitioners who you think should be able to help you are no help at all. It’s time to seek answers elsewhere. I hit this point myself and realized that if I didn’t take matters into my own hands, I would never get well, and I would have to abandon many of my dreams and goals. This realization sparked a journey of research and experimentation, where I found answers and outstanding healthcare practitioners. With the help of this knowledge and guidance and some significant lifestyle changes, I’ve reclaimed my health and with it my lost dreams.

Along the way, It became clear that I’m not the only one who needs these answers. More than ever, people are seeking solutions to their chronic and mysterious health challenges. You are not alone in wanting answers besides drugs, surgery, and endless treatments that go nowhere.

I strive not only to deliver the best care to my clients but also to know who can help them when my skills aren’t the best match for their challenge.

About Michael

I experienced health issues in my teens, which sparked my interest in seeking solutions. I was lucky to have a grandfather who proved to be an excellent example of what can be realized through healful lifestyle habits. He followed the standards of his heroes Dr. Bragg and Jack Lalanne and lived a long, active life through the age of 93. By my 20s, I’d begun a lifelong study of pain relief science. My rewarding process of healing began. Today, I am continually applying the most innovative research to my work with people in pain. Whether you are suffering from a sports injury, whiplash or common ailments like tendonitis, headaches or sciatica, Westgate Therapy could be the solution.

The following represents my current certifications and licenses:

I turned my passion into a practice in 2001, opening Westgate Therapy. Located in Marin County, I provide the most effective treatments to clients throughout the Bay Area, customizing each treatment program to fit patients’ individual needs.

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“To watch [Michael] re-integrate my daughter’s muscles into working properly was really awesome. This technique educates my daughter so she can come in knowing exactly what’s not working. It makes distinctions for her that she didn’t have before. The best part is it empowers her to be her own healer, so that they’re working as a team.”


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