Conditions Treated

Using a combination of two advanced therapeutic techniques, Michael Westgate tailors treatment to each client’s unique needs, relieving muscle and connective tissue pain, along with the following conditions:

Muscle cramps pulls, and strains • Frozen shoulder • Whiplash • Tennis elbow • Golfer’s elbow • Tendonitis, Headaches • Sciatica • TMJ Syndrome • Rotator cuff injuries • Iliotibial Band Syndrome • Scoliosis • Plantar fasciitis • Shin splints • Myofascial pain.

Elements of Westgate Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Target chronic pain at its source by focusing on highly irritable points on a muscle.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Re-train your brain to finally bring healing to chronic and persistent pain.

Neurological Repatterning

Therapeutic program that changes the way your brain processes stress.

Conditions Treated

Michael Westgate employs therapeutic practices to heal a wide range of conditions.

“I’d been in pain for a really long time before I saw Michael. I had actually gone to see a surgeon and was going the route of potentially having surgery on my shoulder. I came to Michael as a last-ditch effort. I went in not even being able to lift my arm, and I was able to lift my arm all the way over my head by the time I left that day.”


Solutions For Vibrancy

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