Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Do you ever feel you’ve been granted a temporary relief from pain, only to have it return the following week?

When we experience an injury, our brains create new motor programs that trigger other muscles to compensate. After healing, these programs are still stored within our Motor Memories, resulting in persistent tension, decreased range of motion, weakness, and pain.

Neuromuscular Re-Programming utilizes of the brain’s natural neurological processes to re-gain muscle activity, overwriting patterns of injury and putting you back on the path to long-term health.

Elements of Westgate Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Target chronic pain at its source by focusing on highly irritable points on a muscle.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Re-train your brain to finally bring healing to chronic and persistent pain.

Neurological Repatterning

Therapeutic program that changes the way your brain processes stress.

Conditions Treated

Michael Westgate employs therapeutic practices to heal a wide range of conditions.

“To watch [Michael] re-integrate my daughter’s muscles into working properly was really awesome. This technique educates my daughter so she can come in knowing exactly what’s not working. It makes distinctions for her that she didn’t have before. The best part is it empowers her to be her own healer, so that they’re working as a team.”


Solutions For Vibrancy

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