Client Testimonials

“To watch [Michael] re-integrate my daughter’s muscles into working properly was really awesome. This technique educates my daughter so she can come in knowing exactly what’s not working. It makes distinctions for her that she didn’t have before. The best part is it empowers her to be her own healer, so that they’re working as a team.”


“Michael is constantly studying. That’s one of the things that impresses me about him. He’s always bringing new techniques to bear on his work. Michael is a true professional. He’s a healer with high standards of ethics and integrity. I recommend him without any reservation.”


“I’d been in pain for a really long time before I saw Michael. I had actually gone to see a surgeon and was going the route of potentially having surgery on my shoulder. I came to Michael as a last-ditch effort. I went in not even being able to lift my arm, and I was able to lift my arm all the way over my head by the time I left that day.”


“As a dancer, I’m very prone to injuries, so trying to find someone to help prevent those injuries was very important to me. Michael was the best fit for me. He helped me learn more about when my muscles were working and when they weren’t, and how I could better help myself in fixing my own issues with my body.”



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